Some goodies available with Xfce

Along with Xfce core, the developers have also prepared a number of utility software to go with Xfce under another project called xfce4-goodies.

Xfce Terminal Emulator

Xfce Terminal Emulator (xfce4-terminal) is the Xfce version of the terminal emulators available for other desktop environments. A terminal emulator is a small program inside which your shell ( such as bash, zsh etc ) runs. You can use any terminal emulator of your choice with Xfce, however Xfce Terminal is very lightweight and very responsive. This means you can open tabs very easily, switch between open tabs and open large number of terminals in the blink of an eye. It is so fast and flexible that you will no longer need applications like GNU Screen.


Mousepad (mousepad) is an Xfce implementation of Windows Notepad. This will be very useful for temporarily saving small fragments of text, opening files quickly for previews or writing large amounts of text.