Using your keyboard shortcuts wisely

Xfce provides you with an easy to use way to manage your keyboard shortcuts. You should take full advantage of this to accomplish your common chores quickly. For example, it is very easy to set up your Super ( Windows ) key to start a terminal so that you can quickly start typing in your commands.

Another common use for keyboard shortcuts is to use your media keys to control your media players. For example you can bind your “Media PLAY button” to this command :

rhythmbox-client --play-pause

This would mean that you can use your Media PLAY button to PLAY/PAUSE your music from Rhythmbox.


Mouse scrolling is another useful feature in Xfce. In Xfce, scrolling is largely context based. That is, what a scroll does depends on where the mouse cursor is currently positioned.

Scroll Example 1

Scrolling at Workspace Switcher switches between workspaces

Scroll Example 1

Scrolling at Tabs List inside Google Chrome switches between different open tabs

Scroll Example 1

Scrolling at Task List switches between different different open windows